A car went 60 km in 5 6 of an hour while a second car went 54 km in 2 3 h. Which car was faster? How many times faster?

Accepted Solution

Answer:car B is 1.125 times faster than car AStep-by-step explanation:CAR A 5/6th of an hour--> (60/6)*5=50 5/6th of an hour=50 minsso60 km in 50 minslets use the unit rate in mph to compare60/50=1.2 miles per minCar B2/3= (2/3*60)2/3=40 mins2/3 of an hour is 40 minsso54 km in 40 minslets use unit rates in mph to compare:54/40=1.351.2<1.35so the 2nd car is fasterto find out how many times faster car b is we need to divide1.35/1.2=1.125car B is 1.125 times faster than car Ahope this helps!